From the Bio-Quill of Wifelier Docht – Log File 004: Hope

16333918448_4cc4878a35_oI have another installment for you from the tethered scribe Wifelier Docht over at The Collective SF. Yes, I have been tardy in writing these, but I’m now back on track. I have also started uploading them to Wattpad. The idea is to collect the episodes and then eventually publish them as a companion piece to Hameln-13.

Check out the excerpt below:

…A strange thing happened recently. Something deep inside the God-Machine erupted. An explosion of sorts. It reverberated in the cavernous chamber, sending a shockwave rippling up the living walls of scribes. My station rattled and the brass-framed data panel flickered momentarily. With my bio-quill poised, I lifted my head and felt a great surge of emotion push into my mind, and before I could invest any thought in the matter a scream erupted from my mouth, a piercing cry of anguish that sprung from the pit of my stomach and grated my throat raw. And I was not alone. The 999 other tethered scribes wailed along with me. Our collective lament sounded like swine stuck in a slaughter pit.

The God-Machine had been hurt somehow and it shared the pain. It fed our minds its agony. Suddenly my body became rigid, the bio-quill falling from my useless fingers, and then violent seizure took me. As my body shook I felt the feeding tubes pull and stretch my skin as the strain of my convulsions threatened to pull them from my body.

You can read the rest of the episode here.



(Photo credit: theglobalpanorama via Small Kitchen / CC BY-SA)


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