#Art of Fantasy 79: Bruno Biazotto

tumblr_nmeaq4WlDi1tej2ado1_1280.pngMy apologies for being late this week. School holidays and kids and writing do not mix very well. Nevermind finding time to search for awesome fantasy artists. And yet, I did. This week’s artist is an immediate favourite of mine and you’ll soon see why.

Bruno Biazotto hails from Campinas, Brazil and works as a freelance illustrator and concept artist specialising in character design. Below you’ll find a mixture of professional and personal work from his portfolio. Each image links back to the site of origin. Enjoy!











It’s no secret that I’m a huge Frank Frazetta fan so it was nice to discover an artist who shares the same awe I have for Frazetta. More so in fact, because if you look at these paintings, Frazetta’s spirit looms large and dominant. His influence is unmistakable and I love it. Bruno is yet another artist on my list of artists to work with in the future.

If you like what you see here and you need an artist for a project or a book cover, you’re in luck. Bruno is available for commissions and you can reach him via email on his website here.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Oh, and before I forget, remember to check out this week’s Art of Science Fiction over on Kōsa Press.




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