#Art of Fantasy 22: Anton Kokarev

cover_book_by_kanartist-d8k7ccgThere is no shortage of talented artists on the internet, so when I search for candidates for my #Art of Fantasy posts I choose those that bring more to the table than mere talent. I look for a style, like a writer’s voice, that speaks to my soul, or at the very least makes me blink a few times. Anton Kokarev is one such artist. Hailing from Russia, Anton is a character designer, concept artist and illustrator, and yes, it’s yet another case of not finding sufficient articles in English to tell you more about this artist. Suffice to say, his art shall speak for me.

As always, the images below are linked to the places I found them. Enjoy!













I trust you enjoyed today’s post. If you guys know of any artist whose work would fit nicely with my #Art of Fantasy posts, please let me know through my contact page.  I’d love to feature both established and up-and-coming artists on my blog.


5 thoughts on “#Art of Fantasy 22: Anton Kokarev

  1. My goodness, he blew me away!

    I love the way he uses light and the constrast of colours. And the fact it’s mostly cold colours. It creates such a unique atmosphere 🙂

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