#Art of Fantasy 1

I wish to take my blog to the next level this year. What do I mean by this? Well, I want to blog more frequently for starters, which I’ve already started doing, and I want to introduce new themes. I’d like to add interviews and reviews as regular features along with my own babbling on the writing life and the usual advice from well established authors on craft. One of the features I’d like to add is an #Art appreciation series. I will feature a painting or image that inspired me or pushed my buttons in some way or another. It will mostly be fantasy or supernatural themed, even some science fiction. But nothing is carved in stone. And today’s post is the first of the #Art appreciation posts which I’m calling #Art of Fantasy. The piece is called “Break Through” by skepticArcher aka Skepsisfox aka Molly Gur. dragon_small It caught my eye immediately over at Tumblr. I love the colors and the reversed gravity. Then again it’s probably meant as a break through from the otherworld which makes it even more awesome. SkepticArcher also has an online shop. Check it out, if you want. Please note, I’m doing this on my own volition. I don’t get any kickbacks. I just love art, specifically fantasy art, and when I find something that inspires me I want other people to know about it, too, and if I can I want to support those artists. I hope you enjoy it! Woelf

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