In Which I Attempt Poetry


I have something different for you today. I don’t normally write poetry, mainly because I think I suck at it. My strong suit is popular fiction about gods and demons and angry werewolves, but now and then, for some unexplainable reason, I’ll venture into poetry and I’ll play with it, and sometimes I’ll pour my soul into it, irrespective of quality.

While doing some general file maintenance on my computer today I discovered a poem I wrote two years ago about my wife. We will celebrate our 10-year anniversary later this year and this poem made me realize that the words I used are still true and applicable today.

The problem with things like this is always the cheesy factor, which I get, but it doesn’t take away the realness of the emotions behind the words and because I still stand behind them and, honestly, like how the poem reads, I wanted to share it.

Thus, for the first time, I present to you my humble attempt at a love poem:


My Merry Merry Other

Tis a poem of love to you from me

as you carry with you in your heart my “I do”

and I shall love you as you love me, every day and every night

even during times when the burden of it seems not too light

and yet here we are, me and you

full of life, vigor, and fondness

for one another,

I love you

my merry merry other

My princess, my queen, my goddess

for your eyes are like the stars that lit the emptiness

the blackness that was once my dull empty heart

you rescued me from me with love so endless

It poured like rain on my bone-dry soil

and I blossomed and rose up from my toil

loving you back with a heart so free and careless

now here we are then, you and me

full of life, full of vigor, and fondness

for one another,

I love you

my merry merry other

So come now to me

receive me to your bosom

so I can listen to your heart

as it plays its rhythmic part

consistent and unfailing

of love and devotion

and beautiful emotion

to you this ode then

as we watch one another

while I say I love you

my merry merry other.

9 thoughts on “In Which I Attempt Poetry

  1. Thank you for sharing the wonder and elation of those first days of marriage. It’s wonderful that you two still have that precious kind of joy.

    Marriage is a beautiful time in the lives of two people who have come together to face eternity and the world as one. There is something so profound about having that kind of partnership that it makes you look back on your life before that moment and see that you were, indeed, lost. Incomplete somehow, though you’d never felt you were.

    Poetry is taking raw emotions and putting them into words, not bothering with a filter of any kind and just bleeding directly onto the page. Not everyone gets what the poet is trying to convey with each poem, but your piece is honest and clear, and certainly relatable. I love this sweet, gentle love story, told in poetic prose.

    This is my favorite part:

    the blackness that was once my dull empty heart

    you rescued me from me with love so endless

    It poured like rain on my bone-dry soil

    and I blossomed and rose up from my toil

    The whole piece reads like a song. You could almost write a chorus to place after the second and third stanzas and sing it.

    Well done, Woelf!


    1. That is beautifully put and thank you. you are very generous with your compliments.

      I asked my wife to marry me within a month of us meeting. We were married nine months later. Some things you just know immediately. You can’t explain it. It’s like the heart communicates on a totally different frequency.

      I was unsure about posting the poem, but not anymore. I’m typing this with a goofy smile on my face. Thanks for your comment.


  2. It’s a really beautiful & touching love poem… & I agree with Jessica it does sound like a wonderful song while you read it & feel it 🙂 singing of words in your head fills you with joy & happiness… & this mellow sweet feeling you put in there 🙂 Thank you for sharing it ^_^ Poetry coming right from the heart is always a magic masterpiece of a writing soul & your poem is pure creation of love 🙂


    1. Thanks Kate. Your words made me smile, which is not a bad way to start the day. When I wrote the poem there were no pretensions. I tried to translate my emotions into words and this was the result. Thanks again for commenting.


      1. My pleasure 🙂 I really enjoyed it a lot & happy I made you smile 😉
        & that is what poetry is for to share & reflect our emotions through words & you did it perfectly 🙂


      2. That’s a wisdom of life I guess 🙂 To not only always see the beauty & hope but also share it with others ^_^ Thanks a lot for sharing your charming words 😉


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