2014 Smashwords Read an Ebook Week Promotion

Train - Read an Ebook Week 2014I’ve enrolled The Seals of Abgal in the Smashwords Read an Ebook Week promotion, taking place March 2-8 2014.  For one week only, thousands of Smashwords authors and publishers will provide readers deep discounts on ebooks, with coupon code levels for 25%-off, 50%-off, 75%-off and FREE.

At one minute past midnight Pacific time on March 2, the special Smashwords Read an Ebook Week promotion catalog goes live on the Smashwords home page.  Readers can browse the catalog and search by coupon code levels and categories.  At the stoke of midnight Pacific time at the end of the day on March 8, the catalog disappears.

Though Seals have been on Smashwords for a while, I haven’t yet made use of the platform properly. This event will be the first such occasion. Now I’m not crazy about Free, but I did reduce the price by 25% to $1.12 which is a steal. It’s a steal because I was already running a special at $1.50 reduced from the regular $2.99. Yes, this Read an Ebook promotion caught me by surprise, but I decided to just roll with it. I’m easy that way.

So, if you haven’t read Seals, here is a chance to get it on the cheap. You’ll find this coupon code: REW25, on my Smashwords book page. You can use it to get the 25% discount.

Go forth, people, jump in and enjoy what is on offer there at Smashwords (as long as it at least includes Seals).


3 thoughts on “2014 Smashwords Read an Ebook Week Promotion

    1. Hahaha, neither did I. There are tons of books up for grabs, both free and not so free, but cheap. Actually, earlier today I bought a fantasy bundle, but it wasn’t a Smashwords thing. I get David Farland’s Kick in the Pants daily. A daily dose of writing advice, if you will. Anyway, this morning he advertised a fantasy deal at StoryBundle featuring Neil Gaiman, Brandon Sanderson, Tracy Hickman, Peter David, and David himself. You pay what you want, but it needs to be minimum $3.00. I paid quite bit more, not that I can afford it, but they are writers I like and I love supporting writers, plus some of the money goes to a good cause. You should check it out, if only to see what is on offer: http://storybundle.com/


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