That Part Where…

…Sebastian learns to watch his mouth.


That Part Where kindly features The Seals of Abgal today and includes a scene where Sebastian’s arrogance lands him in trouble. That Part Where is an awesome site and you should mosey on over as they have a growing collection of kick-ass books across various genres, and like with Seals, you can read selected scenes chosen by the authors themselves. So, prepare your mind for liftoff.

As for the updated plot description and cover reveal I promised: It’s coming. My writing time has been reduced to a few fragile hours over weekends, and being the kind of writer that I am, it’s not nearly enough for what I have planned. Still, I continue to write in small bursts and you’ll see the reveal soon enough. One of my new year’s resolutions for 2014 shall be to honor self-induced deadlines. Or else…

In the meantime, enjoy That Part Where…

2 thoughts on “That Part Where…

  1. Somehow I unfollowed you. Not sure how. I didn’t know about this site. It’s excellent. And nice dip into your world by the way. I was happy for the distraction from mine. Now back to it..


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