Insight Into My Writing Life

I discovered the blog, Part-Time Novel ~ Writing Between Living, today and must say it is a cool place to hangout. More so if you’re like me and you’re at the beginning parts of stumbling through the emotional ups and downs of the writing process. The blog’s creator, Bob Evenhouse, created an entertaining and informative blog that caters to all writers really, but is intended for those who are only starting out on their careers as writers, those who work full-time while writing part-time, and writers like me who has a house full of kids and a wife and the grey-hair-inducing responsibilities that goes with it.

Insight Into My Working Life”  is from a posting Bob did in October last year, but I thought it was funny and true and necessary. Truth be told, it motivated me for the day. So please  read Insight Into My Writing Life and make sure you read his other blog entries, the most recent is Free Tools for the Frugal Writer, posted earlier today.

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