My Interview With e-Books India

I had the distinct honor of having e-Books India interview me. In the interview, I talk about Kōsa Press and The Collective SF and current projects. I give some background to the birth of The Seals of Abgal and about "The Dead God" and I reveal the official title for my retelling of The Pied Piper of Hamelin for The Collective SF. … Continue reading My Interview With e-Books India

The Pit by Wifelier Docht

Here is my latest log entry for Wifelier Docht over on The Collective SF: "My Embrosis-ladled brain keeps me a prisoner in my body. Not that it matters much for I’m physically tethered to the innards of a living machine. I am slave-scribe to a supernatural entity known only as the God-Machine. I have been … Continue reading The Pit by Wifelier Docht

The Collective #SciFi: Log Entries

The scribes over at The Collective have not sat still, not that they have any choice. By their very nature, they are obligated to write and so they have. Below are the latest log entries from five more scribes. The Journal of Yempick Mingal "I tried to remember something today. A simple thing. A memory … Continue reading The Collective #SciFi: Log Entries