#Art of Fantasy 91: Michael Whelan (Legends)

Today's legend is still active but I'm listing him here because, well, he truly is a living legend, and because his book covers took me on so many fantasy adventures as a kid during the 80s. I used to fantasize about the covers and the characters before I even read the stories inside. That is … Continue reading #Art of Fantasy 91: Michael Whelan (Legends)

I’ve Been Summoned

Early last week I received a tweet from Jessica West summoning me to a Blog Hop aptly titled, “I’ve Been Summoned”, which, as a consequence of being so tagged, resulted in today’s post. The summons entails me answering a few questions and then tagging the next hapless victim or two. I thought perhaps I could … Continue reading I’ve Been Summoned

How to Write a Novel in Three Days

I wanted to post something last week. I had intended to finish a piece on the mythos of The Morrigan, but then my machine broke and died an agonizing sputtering death, and I was left without anything to write on. I had to dug out an ancient HP laptop--it used to have Vista but I … Continue reading How to Write a Novel in Three Days