#Art of Fantasy 85: J.R. Coffron

We're entering the realm of darkness again with today's edition of "Art of Fantasy." J.R. Coffron is a true fan of horror and you can see that devotion in his twisted creations. He's been perfecting his particular style of art from an early age, focussing specifically on the dark creatures that dwell in the hidden … Continue reading #Art of Fantasy 85: J.R. Coffron

#Art of Fantasy 84: Henrik Rosenborg

I have a Viking for you today. Henrik Rosenborg hails from Sweden where he works as a freelance illustrator and concept artist with a special focus on creature characters. His fantasy art reminds me of Paul Kidby's  covers for the Pratchett books but with a darker much more detailed approach. I also see a lot of Paul … Continue reading #Art of Fantasy 84: Henrik Rosenborg

#Art of Fantasy 68: Kouji Tajima

I thought we'd try something different this week. How about fantastic beasts? Hell-spawned creatures? Yes? Come right this way... Meet Japanese artist, Kouji Tajima. He is a 2D/3D concept artist, character modeler, and texture artist, currently working at Double Negative Singapore. The list of  projects he has worked on is impressive and include movies like Total Recall, Les Misérables, The … Continue reading #Art of Fantasy 68: Kouji Tajima