Robert E. Howard: Post Oaks and Sand Roughs

Those who follow my blog know that Robert E. Howard is one of my favourite authors. I grew up with Conan’s exploits and later Solomon Kane’s adventures, and to me they set the gold standard for heroism.

I am thus happy to anounce that the Robert E. Howard Foundation is publishing a 400-page volume of autobiographical writings collecting a bunch of essays, including Costigan tales and “Lost Plains” stories.

“The REH Foundation Press is proud to present Post Oaks and Sand Roughs & Other Autobiographical Writings. Outside of the boxing stories, whenever Robert E. Howard used the name “Costigan” the autobiographical implications weren’t far behind. This volume collects those “other” Costigan tales, including the title novel as well as the previously unpublished early draft. It also contains other items that reveal details about the people and places in Howard’s life, including the “Lost Plains” stories, items from The Junto, personal essays, and more, all restored to the original text, where available.

With the introductory material, this volume checks in at over 400 pages and will be printed in hardback with dust jacket, in a limited quantity of 200 copies, each individually numbered. Cover art by Jim & Ruth Keegan; edited and with notes by Rob Roehm; Introduction and notes by Rusty Burke. This collection will make its debut at Howard Days 2019, in Cross Plains, Texas.”

I live in New Zealand so shipping will cost me as much as the book itself but I think this is one of those occasions where it shouldnt matter. The real value you get is unquantifiable. For more information, please click here. The link will take you to the Foundation’s website.


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