Marion Zimmer Bradley was a Monster

Today I am reblogging from another blog. It’s an important post. Keith over at Adventures Fantastic reviewed Moira Greyland’s book, The Last Closet. Moira is the only daughter of Marion Zimmer Bradley.

I am yet to read this book and I’ve been putting it off due to the subject matter. No decent person accepts pedophilia as anything but a demented sickness that should not be tolerated at any cost in any community. I have always felt that. I feel it even more now that I have three beautiful and innocent children of my own. I want to protect them against the monsters out there. I want to keep them safe until they are old enough to fend for themselves. And even then, I’d still be there for them if I could. I will crush the skull of anyone who tries to hurt them.

Moira was not so fortunate. The people that were supposed to protect her from the demons in life turned out to be the biggest monsters. This book, The Last Closet chronicles her survival and escape from hell, and how she broke the chains so as not to succumb to the same evil that had turned her parents into monsters.

Keith, who usually blogs about the old pulp masters and reviews adventure and fantasy stories made an exception for this book.

An excerpt from his review:

MZB has been dead for nearly two decades.  So what is the point of this book?  There are multiple answers to that question.  I will suggest two.  First, it was time for Moira Greyland to write it as part of her own healing. She writes very candidly about the aftereffects of the abuse she suffered, aftereffects she will live with for the rest of her life.  Healing is a process, not an event, and for survivors of this kind of abuse, it is a lifelong process.
Second, MZB was an evil, depraved person.  She should not be held up as a paragon of virtue and goodness.  I don’t give a damn that she was a prominent feminist icon.  I don’t care that she was a leading lesbian voice in the field.  Ms. Greyland is correct when she called her mother a monster.

Why am I reblogging his review? Because I want people to read about Moira’s heartwrenching journey from a childhood of abuse to her physical and emotional escape from the darkness that even today still haunts her. Her story needs to be heard far and wide. It deserves to.

I also want to condemn Marion Zimmer Bradley for what she did and for what she allowed. I also want to put on record that I condemn ANY organization or person who dares to hold this devil in esteem or celebrate her work. I used to read her work in my youth. I have none of her books in my house. I threw them away.

I want to go further, any person or organization who supports pedophilia–by glorifying that person or their work, or apologizes for it or who tries to minimise the harm it does to kids, you are my enemy. I despise you. I condemn you. This is non-negotiable.

And so should everyone else.


3 thoughts on “Marion Zimmer Bradley was a Monster

  1. I came across this news by mere chance a vew months ago, and I was shocked. MZB was one of my favourite authors when I was a kid. Part of the writer I am today comes from her, and I can’t change this, as much as I’d want to.
    True, I then moved to other authors. Even years ago, I could see her shortcomings in comparison with the new authors I considered my models. But it’s still very bothering to think that she was such horrible person and still I have a connection with her that will never cease to exist.

    I think Moira did the right thing writing this book. Both for herself and for all of us who used to admire MZB. I don’t defend her in any way, I’m disgusted, to be honest. But I’m also not sure how to deal with it.


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