Writing Update: 03/04/2017

Yes, I know I’m severely late with the next installment of Obscure Tales. It appears I have thoroughly underestimated my workload and the time available to me for writing. I have also misjudged the amount of work and time required in retelling old legends and folklore. Apart from the research, which involves more than just reading the stories, the actual rewriting takes time. On top of that, I’ve been working on the outline for the next three volumes of Interspecies and on concepts for a gaming company, which, if I pass the next two rounds will hopefully result in a publishing contract. Time will tell.

And then we have the weekly art posts I do for this site and for Kōsa Press and the legalities that come with running a publishing label. Oh, and the day job and family, and, and… Times like these I wish I could write full-time to get to all my projects. Maybe I should refer to my Patreon page here. *Wink*

So, I clearly did not think things through but I am also someone who does not like to give up. “Obscure Tales” will continue but maybe not on a weekly basis. Maybe every fortnight or so. This week I’ll post Part 1 of “The Horned Demon and the Magic Sword” and next week Part 2. It’s a rather long story and I’m still busy with the second half of the tale so it makes sense to do it in two installments. It’s a really cool story and I know you’ll like it.

Chat to you soon.


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