#Art of Fantasy 114: Alexandre Chaudret

Alexandre Chaudret is a freelance illustrator of book covers, trading card games, miniature figures, board games, independent games, and a bunch of other things. As a concept artist, Alexandre specializes in character design, including creatures and monsters and he has worked on multiple projects like Of Orcs and Men, Mars War logs, Bound by Flames, The Technomancer, and more. Alexandre resides in Paris, France.

Below is a small sampling of his work for your viewing pleasure. I’ll have a link below to more of the artist’s work. Enjoy!

By now it must be obvious that I have a soft spot for illustrations that move closer to a comic book style than a contemporary painterly style. I’m not sure why. I suspect that if you read comic books or have read comic books, the art takes on a kind of hue unique to the industry. It’s the kind you see on book covers and in game art.

If you want to see more of Alexandre Chaudret’s work click here.



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