#Art of Fantasy 111: Doe .

doe-doe-doe-51sDoe . is a mystery to me or maybe I didn’t try hard enough. I’ll link to his Instagram account for those interested in seeing more of his art. All I know is he works as a Senior Concept Artist at Bioware in Toronto, Canada. BioWare is a video game developer located and founded in February 1995.

Doe .’s odd name aside, his art is fantastic, both in the literal sense and in the sheer awesomeness of his composition. His style reminds me of John Bauer’s work and even a smattering of Russian artist, Ivan Bilibin’s fairy tale illustrations. You definitely get an old school vibe from Doe .’s work and I can easily see him illustrate the folklore of old. Oh, wait…

Below is a small sampling of his fantastic art. Enjoy!doe-doe-doe-46s








To me, Doe . is yet another of those artists whose overall style I find exceptionally interesting and wouldn’t mind having on one of my books. Hell, I’ll even write the story to match the art, if need be.




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