Blogging and Writing and Polling

this-one-mirrorAs mentioned in an earlier post, I’m at a crossroads again with my blog. I’m still happy with the exterior but the interior, the posts, I think, have reached a plateau in terms of excitement. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy posting “#Art of Fantasy” and I’m not planning to stop anytime soon. Staying with this series I have now proved to myself I possess the necessary self-discipline to run with something and not give up on it. It’s the same self-discipline, which, if I’m honest, consists of equal parts stubbornness and determination, and which I rely on in my writing routine.

This blog wasn’t created for just art. It was originally intended for my writing, about other people’s writing, and about things I find fascinating and fun in the realms of fantasy and the supernatural and related fields, and I’ve veered from that path. Yesterday I posted a trailer from an upcoming movie about King Arthur. I like that and I think I’ll keep posting movie trailers that interest me. See, I can’t guess what people like, only what I like and by using that as gauge I’ll find my audience as I’ve done the last few years. But I want to refine the process now.

The idea is to bring in more regular features for the blog and I need some input from you. The options below are topics I would be interested in doing on a regular basis and I’d love to hear whether you’d like that, too.

This is my first poll and so far it looks functional. Let me know if you have any issues voting. Feel free to add more topics in the comment section. You never know, I might discover an interest I didn’t know I have. Before I go, there is a special post on Kōsa Press’ blog this week about my Sir Julius Vogel nomination for “Babylon’s Song.” MJ Kelley talks about previous winners, his experience working with me, and he made it easy for those who want to nominate my story. Please check it out.




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