Attack of the Deadlines

4759472692_0c8b5fe166_bIt’s been a crazy couple of weeks. You probably noticed I posted Art of Fantasy really late last week. That is because I’ve been working on another flash anthology with the folks over at Kōsa Press.

It’s scheduled for the end of the year if everything works out. So far the collection promises an exciting ride. And, as you probably guessed, last week was deadline time for story submissions. This continues until the end of the month as we put our stories through different rounds of editing and proofreading before we send it to our editor. I’m currently doing rewrites after the first round of proofing. Perfection may never be obtained but we sure as hell will give it our best shot.

Nothing makes you disappear into that writer’s trance so fast than seeing Time racing towards a deadline at breakneck speed. Sometimes you’ve no choice but to grab inspiration by the neck and drag it with you as you race to intercept.

I’m also starting a regular writing gig on Monday here in town, which means I’m rejoining the world of adults again. This is good. I’m glad. It gets me out of the house and keeps my writing muscles occupied while lessening the financial stress that has burdened me of late. But then, being a writer and money worries goes hand in hand.

It also means I’ve more things to balance on my already overloaded plate. This too is good. It keeps your mind active and your tools honed, and–trust me on this–allows you to focus far more sharply.

I’m listening to Laila Samuels‘ “Afterglow” as I write this blog post. I’ve never heard of her until today, but she’s on my “Discover” list on Spotify and this song made me stop writing and listen. So  here you go, now you can listen, too.



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