#Art of Fantasy 87: Team Couscous

erebos_cover__korea_ver___by_couscousteam-d6gujzoTeam Couscous, as far as I am aware, is a team of South Korean illustrators active in the gaming industry. A lot of their work focusses on mobile games. I could be wrong. I emailed them for some more background information and will update this post later if necessary.

Below is a small collection of their work. Each image links back to the site of origin. Enjoy!







team-couscous--2team-couscous--3team-couscous-3team-couscous--4team-couscous--5team-couscous-201506We have three different styles here. All of them pulsing with energy and atmosphere. I generally like the color choices, using dark and earthy tones with dynamic lighting subtly scattered across each image. Imbued with much vigor, these illustrations are exciting and presses all the right buttons for me.

It’s always exciting to see how artists’ styles can vary so much and yet each on their own possess the genius to invoke reaction, sometimes by a simple and subtle brush stroke.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. Let me know what you thought and remember to check out this week’s Art of Science Fiction over on Kosa Press’ blog.




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