Babylon’s Song is Done!

Interspecies_cover_op 2The above image is a small strip I cut from our cover for Interspecies. It’s a teaser of what’s to come.

Remember last year when I did a blog post on Kōsa Press titled, The Magnificently Dark Piofoks, in which I showcased our cover artist’s talent? Well, this is part of that beautiful and awesome cover he made for us.

As for my novella-sized contribution to the anthology, the fanatically efficient Ally Bishop edited Babylon’s Song, and I listened and did as instructed and my story grew prettier, as a result, despite it not being a pretty tale. And now I’ve worked through the final proof from our proofreader.

Babylon’s Song is done and ready.

And I am showing you this because the cover reveal is imminent. How imminent? Next week imminent!

I thought you might like to know. Stay tuned.


Fish Image for Print - Abgal

8 thoughts on “Babylon’s Song is Done!

  1. That’s a fantastic feeling, isn’t it? I did the same for my own story, first time I’ve ever worked with an editor (and a fellow diselpunk, for more!) and it was fantastic. I really don’t see why writers would still go without an editore… oh! Right… money… éè


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