#Art of Fantasy 40: Johannes Voss

mtg__gift_of_orzhova_by_algenpfleger-d5sj6irJohannes Voss is a professional freelance illustrator and digital painter from Leipzig, Germany. He currently works as illustrator on Magic: The Gathering. He has also done paintings for Playboy magazine and League of Legends, and apparently likes seals a lot.

I’ve collected a sampling of his paintings below. Each image links back to the artist’s gallery. Enjoy!









I love the dreamy tone and vibrant colors, especially his use of dynamic lighting.  Johannes’ fantasy worlds are soft and warm and make our own reality stark in contrast. That is one of the big reasons I love fantasy art so much.

Tell me your thoughts below and remember to check out my Art of Science Fiction over on Kōsa Press.

Cheers, folks!


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