After Midnight Ramblings

I haven’t forgotten. I’m working on the cover reveal for Guardians of the Seals #2. And I’ll be introducing a new title with the cover. My eyes feel like they are carved from stone, but the house is quiet and peaceful. No moaning or crying or urgent diaper changes. Everyone is asleep. This is nice. It would’ve been perfect if I wasn’t so tired. I don’t have enough juice anymore to work until the early hours of the morning. Those days are long gone. And I used to be such a night owl…

Ah, well. Seeing as new things are looming on the horizon (I say looming for they seem to move awfully slow), I’ve been wondering whether I shouldn’t repaint the blog as well. To make it fresh once more. Do you like the current colour scheme? Should I change it? Let me know, please. Change is good sometimes. It’s like changing the batteries your excitement runs on.

And for the sake of having a picture to go with this entry, here is a photo of me in Venice about ten years ago.  I was slightly arrogant back then. Not so much today.


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