Book Addict Mumma: AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT – Woelf Dietrich

English: my typewriterI’m featured on Book Addict Mumma’s Author Spotlight. The Seals of Abgal received a five-star review from them last month. Shortly after that I received a message from Kristy–the brains behind Book Addict Mumma–wanting to do an interview with me. “Whoa!” I thought, I’ve never done an interview before. And then I grinned, showing lots of teeth–“I’m gonna be interviewed!”

Kristy asked me a bunch of questions and answering them was like sitting for exams. It’s ironic how talking about my writing comes easy until someone asks me direct questions. But in the end, after I settled into it, answering the questions became a fun introspective process that also helped me adjust my focus. In the interview I talk a bit about my earlier writing adventures, current and future writing projects, and the authors who influenced me over the years. The light interrogation even touches on my creative process.

I’m grateful to Kristy for featuring me on her blog. It was a great experience. Book Addict Mumma is one of the more active blogs out there and regularly features interviews and book reviews. You should check it out.

Read the interview here: AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT – Woelf Dietrich.

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