I’m The Sunday Sample On Dumb White Husband

An excerpt from Seals of Abgal is featured on DumbWhiteHusband.com as part of their regular Sunday Sample feature. Dumb White Husband is the brainchild of author Benjamin Wallace. You may know him from his Dumb White Husband series of short stories in which he frolics with stereotypes. And when I say frolic, I mean he makes fun of it. I could’ve said he takes the stereotype as social construct and deconstructs it through satire to highlight it as a social phenomena, but that sounded phlegm-inducing. Okay, I suck at humor, but Ben doesn’t, so visit his blog, enjoy the sample of Seals and while you’re there, check out the rest of the blog. It’s funny as hell.

Dumb White Husband: The Seals of Abgal

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