Why Amazon’s Purchase of Goodreads Is A Good Thing | David Gaughran

This is old news by now, but I wanted to jump on the bandwagon. I’m not perturbed by this news of Amazon acquiring Goodreads, but I was shocked when I heard it. Mostly, because I did not expect it. But then after the shock wore off, I realized it made sense from a business perspective. I suspect it may improve Goodreads. I know it’s not easy to accept change, especially not if you’re settled in a routine, having everything precisely where you want it, and having things work the way you want it. I’m like that, too.

All indications so far show that Goodreads will continue as is. There might be some slight changes to make the user experience more streamlined. I agree with David Gaughran, the data alone would be valuable for Amazon, given the millions of users on Goodreads. Remember also, Amazon purchased a successful model here; it makes no sense to strip it down and rebuild it.

As with all things, it’s in the hands of time. It won’t serve any purpose for us to start panicking or conjuring up doom prophesies at this stage. What do you think this will mean to Indie writers, and to readers generally?

Why Amazon’s Purchase of Goodreads Is A Good Thing | David Gaughran.

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