Mortality: What if you couldn’t promote your own book?

I wanted to do a follow-up post on Seals in the aftermath of its publication and the awesome and surprising reaction I received. I also wanted to talk about my next book, The Worthless One (working title), but then I found the article below on Duolit and reading it just tore my heart to shreds.

Julie Forward De May died of cervical cancer on 10 August 2009. She wrote about her battle in her blog recording the last seven months of her life. It was her way of dealing with the pain, of fighting the disease. She also wanted to educate people about the realities of cervical cancer so that there could be purpose to her suffering. Sadly, she lost the battle leaving behind a grieving family, including a young daughter.  In 2011 Julie’s family decided to compile her blog entries and self-publish it as the Cell War Notebooks, hoping that  by doing so, it might help others. The good folks at Duolit is now attempting to garner support from the indie writing community to market Cell War Notebooks. They’re doing it because Julie isn’t here to do it herself and because she loved writing and was an indie in spirit. I’ve decided to help by writing this post, tweeting about it and liking the Facebook page created for Cell War Notebooks. It’s not much, in fact, it’s microscopic, but hopefully it will help with getting the word out.

See, this is also about Julie’s legacy to her daughter, Luca. She is only nine years-old. All proceeds will go to her. The last entry Julie made was during the last two weeks of her life and she wrote this about her Luca:

It’s time to teach my daughter the beauty and strength in surrender; it’s time to show her the absolute courage it takes to fight with all the power you have and then realize the Pain is not going to stop until you give it the word.


Life is short and random. Don’t waste it. And while you still can, love as much as you can.

What if you couldn’t promote your own book? please read — Self Publishing Team.

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