4 Writing Crutches that Insult the Reader’s Intelligence

I read this article by Kristen Lamb and then I read it again,  slowly. This year I’m taking my writing seriously which means I take every chance I can to hone my skills and learn. Learning is an ongoing process that never stops and that is a good thing. It keeps the brain from growing complacent, from falling into a routine of lazy writing.

Receiving advice from other writers and having them share the lessons they’ve learned are an important part of any writer’s education.  This article is no exception. In it Kristen shares with us four writing crutches that can stand in the way of good storytelling. She makes a lot of sense. Check it out: 4 Writing Crutches that Insult the Reader’s Intelligence.

5 thoughts on “4 Writing Crutches that Insult the Reader’s Intelligence

  1. Thanks for pointing this blog out! Have you submitted anything for her contests?

    I really enjoyed reading the 4 writing crutches. I have an idea to put a bunch of these phrases over my writing desk so that I can remember them. When I master one, I will take it down and replace it with another.


  2. Nope and I don’t think I ever will. Nothing against her, of course, she is a well of wisdom, but right now I’m focussing on writing to publish and that alone is taking a lot of time. Even my short stories are taking forever.

    Its not a bad idea having those phrases nearby. I might even do it too because it is so easy to get swept away with your own narrative that you don’t always realise you are running with crutches, or something to that effect. lol

    Talking about words of wisdom/caution, I have a steampunkish-looking wallpaper on my desktop designed by Belinda Witzenhauzen with the following words by Richard Bach: “A professional is an amateur who didn’t quit.” Pretty succinct and deadly honest. That is why your post earlier touched such a cord with me.


    1. Thanks for your comment. When I posted my latest article I discovered I had comments in my spam folder. Not sure why it was done, but I rectified it. My apologies. I agree with you. There are some excellent points.


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