#Wallpaper Wednesday

I haven't had a Wallpaper Wednesday for a while so here is the latest one I'm using. Before this one I had an underwater steampunk submarine and before that, a painted spaceship. I probably should have posted the painted spaceship. Looked pretty cool, actually, but I grew tired of it quickly. Anyway, I'm obviously in a … Continue reading #Wallpaper Wednesday

#Wallpaper Wednesday: A Game of Thrones

Ah, yes. I did not think I'd have another one so soon, but here we go. Staying with A Game of Thrones theme, this one is a bit extreme considering the intense use of color, but interesting nonetheless, and it looks great on a 27" iMac screen. Trust me. And here is the link to … Continue reading #Wallpaper Wednesday: A Game of Thrones

New Feature: Wallpaper Wednesday (Working Title)

This is a strange post. I posted to Facebook earlier today on impulse a screenshot of my latest wallpaper titled, "Today’s wallpaper. Because I get bored easily". Here it is: I have dozens of folders with hundreds of wallpapers ranging from abstract to retro to fantasy. I haven't changed my desktop's for a while, but … Continue reading New Feature: Wallpaper Wednesday (Working Title)