#Art of Fantasy 33: The Steampunk Edition

My wife told me I should do a special steampunk post and some of you thought that was a great idea and so I've complied. Instead of my normal focus on one artist, today's collection features a variety of artists. In curating this collection, I tried to stay within or as close as possible to … Continue reading #Art of Fantasy 33: The Steampunk Edition

#Art of Fantasy 27: Svetlin Velinov

Today's artist hails from Bulgaria. Svetlin Velinov is a freelance illustrator and concept artist who has done work for companies such as Wizards of the Coast, Phoenix Age and Applibot. His style, in my opinion, captures the essence of fantasy and I especially like the gritty lines and dark colors. He is exceptionally strong on creature design … Continue reading #Art of Fantasy 27: Svetlin Velinov