#Art of Fantasy 92: Bruce Pennington (Legends)

A lot has happened this past weekend which contributed to this week's post being late. I'll talk a little about that in a separate post. This week I'm featuring Bruce Pennington. His first cover illustration appeared in 1967 for the New English Library 1970 paperback edition of Robert Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land. During the … Continue reading #Art of Fantasy 92: Bruce Pennington (Legends)

Writing Babylon’s Song

One of the reasons why Interspecies is so special to me, and specifically my novella "Babylon's Song," is that this is the first time I've ever written a female protagonist where I looked past the femaleness and focused solely on the character's mental and emotional development. This tale, heart-wrenching at times, explores heartache, determination, hope, … Continue reading Writing Babylon’s Song

From the Bio-Quill of Wifelier Docht – Log File 004: Hope

I have another installment for you from the tethered scribe Wifelier Docht over at The Collective SF. Yes, I have been tardy in writing these, but I'm now back on track. I have also started uploading them to Wattpad. The idea is to collect the episodes and then eventually publish them as a companion piece … Continue reading From the Bio-Quill of Wifelier Docht – Log File 004: Hope

Interspecies is a Best Seller in Science Fiction Anthologies

For the moment, anyway. These lists get updated hourly, I'm told. I woke this morning with a message that Interspecies reached the top 10 in both "Science Fiction Anthologies" and "Science Fiction Anthologies & Short Stories." Then Someone told me we were in the top five of the "Hot New Releases" on Amazon. I'm on my … Continue reading Interspecies is a Best Seller in Science Fiction Anthologies

Some Awesome News And A Chance To Win Something

We're sending out press releases this week to news agencies announcing the release of Interspecies. I'm reproducing some of the words here and for good reason. You'll find that we enjoyed the good fortune of having Piers Anthony review our anthology: These are generally hard-hitting stories about a grim future world…. I found the exploration … Continue reading Some Awesome News And A Chance To Win Something

The Collective SF / Skin-Deep

I have another log entry for you from my alter ego, Wifelier Docht, over at The Collective SF's blog. This latest installment is a bit grim and may just qualify as sci-fi-horror. You be the judge of that: Skin-Deep Will I ever escape? Do I dare think this? How many times over the 300 years have … Continue reading The Collective SF / Skin-Deep

Halloween With The Collective SF

I’m busy with a novel called 'Hameln-13' for The Collective SF that will come out either in December or January next year. This is another shared universe setup, but with a slight difference. As you know by now, on The Collective SF’s blog we have log entries from various “scribes” tethered to an entity known only as … Continue reading Halloween With The Collective SF