#Art of Fantasy 84: Henrik Rosenborg

I have a Viking for you today. Henrik Rosenborg hails from Sweden where he works as a freelance illustrator and concept artist with a special focus on creature characters. His fantasy art reminds me of Paul Kidby's  covers for the Pratchett books but with a darker much more detailed approach. I also see a lot of Paul … Continue reading #Art of Fantasy 84: Henrik Rosenborg

#Art of Fantasy 63: Christoph Peters Von Sperling

I have another wonderful artist for you today. Christoph Peters Von Sperling hails from Chile and is one of those artists that make you swivel your head every time you see his work. Below is a small sampling of Christoph's work. Each image links back to the gallery of origin. Enjoy! In retrospect, "wonderful" might be … Continue reading #Art of Fantasy 63: Christoph Peters Von Sperling

#Art of Fantasy 47: Caio Monteiro

I know. I'm late again, but this is the last time. I finished my story yesterday and so, I'm back to my old routine. Today's artist is from Brazil and his name is Caio Monteiro. His passion for fantasy art began at a very young age and he is another artist who mostly taught himself to paint. … Continue reading #Art of Fantasy 47: Caio Monteiro