#Art of Fantasy 96 (Legends): Rowena Morrill

Something slightly different to what I usually post. However, this week's artist belongs to the "Legends" club and must be celebrated. Rowena A. Morrill, born in 1944 and known professionally as Rowena, is an American artist who specialized in science-fiction and fantasy illustrations. She is widely credited as one of the first female artists to impact paperback … Continue reading #Art of Fantasy 96 (Legends): Rowena Morrill

The New World of Publishing: Having Fun

As you probably know, I follow Dean Wesley Smith's blog regularly. A few months ago I blogged about how he completed a 70,000 word novel in only ten days. Dean is a veteran writing machine and regularly provides useful advice for us newbie writers. I don't necessarily adhere to all his instructions, but I do … Continue reading The New World of Publishing: Having Fun