#Art of Fantasy 100: Mythology Through New Eyes

To celebrate the 100th episode of #Art of Fantasy I thought we'd celebrate the origin of fantasy. And because "#Art of Fantasy" focusses on art, it makes sense then to approach it from that angle. So, today we look at ancient folklore and mythology through the eyes of contemporary artists. Instead of the usual gods … Continue reading #Art of Fantasy 100: Mythology Through New Eyes

#Art of Fantasy 64: Fenghua Zhong

Prepare your eyeballs. Fenghua Zhong hails from the coastal city of Xiamen in China. He is an illustrator, concept artist and instructor at the E-Art School of Design he helped found. Below you'll find mind-blowing paintings showcasing cosmic battles between gods and monsters and weird animal creatures. Fenghua is ridiculously talented so make sure you have … Continue reading #Art of Fantasy 64: Fenghua Zhong