#Art of Fantasy 39: Laurel D. Austin

Laurel Austin grew up in small-town Canada. She was apparently thrown out of Canada for being insufficiently enthusiastic about hockey, but they were very polite about the whole thing. Laurel began her professional career at Splash Damage in London, UK, where she designed the characters for the FPS game BRINK. This work drew from her unshakable conviction … Continue reading #Art of Fantasy 39: Laurel D. Austin

Hugh Howey on Discoverability

Starting out on this journey I initially burdened myself with the mistaken belief that if I put my all into my writing, write the best story I can, package it with a nice eye-catching cover, the discoverability part would take care of itself. I was so wrong. In a sea of books, how do you … Continue reading Hugh Howey on Discoverability

Joss Whedon On The Contradictions of Being

Screenwriter, producer, composer, director, comic book author, and doer of many other things, Joss Whedon delivered the 2013 Wesleyan commencement address. It's a good speech. He talks about the contradiction between your body and your mind, and your mind and itself, and "how these contradictions and these tensions are the greatest gift that we have". He talks about being … Continue reading Joss Whedon On The Contradictions of Being

I Love Old School Things

My wife recently returned from a week-long business trip to Australia. To make up for the time we spent apart, She brought me back one of those I-missed-you gifts (It's our thing that we do if either of us goes away for longer than a day). This gift turned out to be a wax stick … Continue reading I Love Old School Things