Stephen King’s Advice On Writing the First Draft

I found a lovely new writer's website the other day and it was by accident, as is always the case, because it featured an old article by Stephen King titled: “Everything You Need to Know About Writing Successfully – in Ten Minutes”. The article is a bit dated with some of the advice maybe not wholly … Continue reading Stephen King’s Advice On Writing the First Draft

#Writing Adventures: Showing

Every morning when I go through my emails there is one specific email I look forward to reading and that is bestselling author David Farland's Daily Kick in the Pants.  He provides writing advice on anything from finding your writing voice to worldbuilding to reading poetry (or paying attention to any form of art, really) to … Continue reading #Writing Adventures: Showing

#Writing Adventures: Nathan Long Talks About His Writing Process

Staying with the Nathan Long theme this week, here he is talking about the evolution of a novel, from concept through to completion. Watching the video I remembered a post I did a while ago about how Michael Crichton used index-cards to built a story. Nathan's method is somewhat similar. Enjoy!

Pantsering in First Person

I found a very lovely article by Nathan Long on point of view. Nathan is a fantasy author mostly known for his Gotrek and Felix novels and The Blackhearts Trilogy, both of which are set in the Warhammer Fantasy universe. From the article: Some of my favorite writers have worked best when they worked in first person – … Continue reading Pantsering in First Person

Hemingway’s Formula to Mastery of Writing

I'm a big Ernest Hemingway fan. I admire the man, his writing and his flaws. Though not perfect, he wrote perfectly. He created art in a way that was different to how other writers did and he made it look easy. But therein lies his genius. It took him years of following other masters and … Continue reading Hemingway’s Formula to Mastery of Writing

Research Gem: History of Printing Timeline

Sebastian Kaine, the protagonist in my Guardians of the Seals series, is a bookshop owner and amateur collector of rare books. In researching the background, one of the areas I focussed on was the history of printing and the various stages of its evolution. Knowing something about book binding also played a role. The technical details … Continue reading Research Gem: History of Printing Timeline