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I'm trying something new today. As a way to entice you to subscribe to my mailing list, I'm offering Bullies and Soggy Soup Bones for free. But wait, there is more awesomeness in store for you. Not only do you receive a free story, you’ll also be first to hear about new and upcoming releases. You might … Continue reading Subscribe to my Mailing List and Get Bullies and Soggy Soup Bones for Free

On Writing Workshops

I just completed my third writing workshop. It made me want to share something with you. Before I started this little adventure online, I never socialized or involved myself in a writing community. I never belonged to a writer's group, offline or on. I read books and wrote my stories and admired talented authors from … Continue reading On Writing Workshops

10 Things Not Widely Known About Me

I've been tagged by Jessica West and Tom Knighton to write 7 things about me and/or about my writing and post it on Facebook, which I did. Jessica then thought my revelations entertaining enough to reproduce here. I'm not entirely convinced it's that entertaining, but it's a fun thing to do, plus I get to post an old photo … Continue reading 10 Things Not Widely Known About Me

Thunderclap‬: A Strange Alliance – ‪#‎WeirdWest‬

Today's blog post is slightly different from normal. I'm signal boosting a fellow author and writing buddy on Thunderclap. Her name is Jessica West and she is über talented. We are both alumni of the Virtual Writer Workshop hosted by M.J. Kelley, and she edited Bullies and Soggy Soup Bones. We are also fellow contributors on a … Continue reading Thunderclap‬: A Strange Alliance – ‪#‎WeirdWest‬

I’m new on tsū

I discovered tsū over the weekend, mostly because I saw people talking about it and I decided I didn't want to be left out in the cold in case tsū is some kind of wonderful. I don't know yet if it is, but it's fun to try new things and so I did.  If you click this … Continue reading I’m new on tsū