The Cobbler and the Dragon

#TheDeadGod There once lived a dragon named Smok in a cave deep inside a hill–or, if you prefer, a small mountain, although “a large hill” is probably closer to the truth–who found sustenance in sheep and virgins, and when there were no more virgins, peasants from a nearby village tasted just fine, though they lacked the richness and splendor of chaste flesh...

The Mercy Giver: An Experiment

A man is on his way to Mexico to lay low for a while. He is hunted by the authorities. He has a particularly skewed take on life. While hiding in some dusty small border town he meets a very strange man. Think Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, but for psychopaths. This is a WIP that … Continue reading The Mercy Giver: An Experiment

Plotting Along

In the mornings, when I take the kids to school, we walk. Well, I walk. Lucia is on her bicycle, Malachi on his pushbike, Shiloh in her stroller, and Stella on the leash. We're fortunate that their schools are relatively close to our home so it would seem really lazy not to use the opportunity. … Continue reading Plotting Along