’80s Nostalgia and Freelancing

I've been scratching my head this last week trying to find ways to supplement my meager income.  I googled and read articles and searched high and low across the digital plains of the Internet, focussing specifically on freelance writing gigs. Somehow I stumbled on a site called Zerys. I didn't find any evidence of them … Continue reading ’80s Nostalgia and Freelancing

#Writing Mechanics: Stephen J Cannell’s Rule Number One

I've wanted to post something about Stephen J. Cannell for a while now. Cannell--you may remember his iconic "Stephen J. Cannell Productions" logo recreated above--produced, created, and wrote many television shows during the eighties and nineties. Shows like The A-Team, Hardcastle and McCormick, Riptide, and 21 Jump Street, to mention just a few, which, admittedly, entertained my … Continue reading #Writing Mechanics: Stephen J Cannell’s Rule Number One

Neil Gaiman and Writing by Hand and Fountain Pens

I have tried once, but not seriously, to write a story by hand. It didn't work for me. I do not include the attempts made during my youth when I first started writing, when times were different and my mind drifted in different places, when life seemed far less complicated. The irony is I love … Continue reading Neil Gaiman and Writing by Hand and Fountain Pens

Raymond Chandler on writing | Brain Pickings

It's already Monday afternoon here in Hobbit country. I received this in my email earlier today. I discovered Raymond Chandler when I read a book of his that Robert B. Parker completed after his death called Poodle Springs. At the time I was reading Parker ferociously. Parker had tried--and succeeded in my opinion--to mimic Chandler's … Continue reading Raymond Chandler on writing | Brain Pickings

I Love Old School Things

My wife recently returned from a week-long business trip to Australia. To make up for the time we spent apart, She brought me back one of those I-missed-you gifts (It's our thing that we do if either of us goes away for longer than a day). This gift turned out to be a wax stick … Continue reading I Love Old School Things