Suspended from Twitter (Updated)

I’ve just received notification that my Twitter account has been locked for a tweet in which I addressed somoene’s behaviour in an explicit way as you can see below. I have lodged an appeal as I do not agree that I violated any rules, even if I did use strong language. So I appealed on principle. My account is now locked until the appeal is completed or 12 hours after I delete the tweet.

In retrospect, it may not have been good form to use such language. My wife is certainly unimpressed when I told her I got suspended and why. My tweet was in response to an abhorrent comment from someone else and I addressed not the person but his conduct. I may or may not have lost my temper at the time. I probably should have ignored it since Twitter applies its policies neither consistently nor fairly.

I have been using Twitter as an outlet of sorts, a platform to make social commentary on idiotic trends or illogical arguments and to link with like-minded authors to talk about books. I have grown tired of the outrage culture, of assuming the worst in people not leaving space for mercy or forgiveness. There is a collectivist mindset on Twitter that I despise. It ignores an individual’s lived experience and ascribe behaviours based on immutable characteristics that they cannot change. I wanted to counter that by adding my own two cents to why collectivism is shortsighted and grossly unfair. And, truth be told, I enjoyed doing it.

Strangely enough, one of my last tweets before my suspension read: “White privilege is like toxic masculinity. It doesn’t exist.” Apparently, this is a controversial statement to make, nevermind that these concepts aren’t logically sustainable. Ah, well. Just bad timing, I guess.

Anyway, if anyone here also follows me on Twitter, I won’t be there for a while. Have fun without me.



My appeal was not successful so I had to delete the tweet. I have my account back but with limited functionality for what looks like 8 more hours.

Just for context, this is the tweet I replied to:

I thought he was unreasonably rude and my reply to him reflected it. The guy’s tweet is still up and so according to Twitter he did not violate their rules. Then again, a quick glance at his timeline and it becomes clear why he has immunity and why his misogyny is tolerated. Twitter’s rules, right?

Speaking of rules, here is a screenshot of Twitter’s rules:

And their rules for enforcing their rules:

I find it unsurprising, given Twitter’s history of inconsistency and unequal application of their rules as stated above, that if your politics are left-leaning and/or pro-Democrats, you get immunity to some degree. It is perfectly okay for this guy to call a woman a bitch but it is not acceptable for me to call his behaviour out in explicit terms.

What I do find worrisome is the idea that paedophiles seem to have free reign on Twitter, despite Twitter’s supposedly intolerance of it. I reported an account who freely declared his interest in children and even after I and many other people reported it, it was still up days later. There are many, many such accounts. Twitter’s priorities are odd.

In any event, this incident gave me a reason to blog and that is never a bad thing although the topic is not a nice one.

13 thoughts on “Suspended from Twitter (Updated)

  1. Where I’m from there is no more vulgar word than the one you used, so from that perspective, Twitter’s response seems right to me. However, I also see from your perspective, and do agree with you, that Twitter’s responses are at best capricious. Their policy regarding the current American president and those who communicate with him on their platform betray that daily.

    1. Walt, I agree. It doesn’t matter my reason for using the word. It’s an ugly word and although I felt justified at the time, I don’t feel so anymore. Time has a way of adding perspective, irrespective of Twitter’s double standards and this other guy’s abusive language.

      I appreciate you taking time to leave a comment, thanks.

  2. I’ve really struggled sometimes to reign myself in on the ol’ twitter. It really amps up my arguing-adrenaline along with everybody else’s. Glad it’s only a short suspension. Now, if they’d only apply the same, reasonable standards to everyone else.

    1. Agree. I would have a lot fewer issues with them if they applied their rules fairly across the board. I am actively not using profanity on Twitter now, which I used relatively rarely anyway. The good thing that came out from this incident is that my sarcasm received a turbo boost and I am thinking longer before writing a tweet.

    1. But I’ve noticed that they do lean left and somehow perfectly reasonable opinions are now considered far right or something to that effect.

      I was happy not to get political until that seeped into my field of interest and I allowed myself to get dragged into it.

      Life is too short and there is so much to do, like rekindling my passions and focussing on improving them.

      Thanks for your comment. You have an awesome site, by the way.

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